SHARE one photo that sums up your motivation for Advocacy...

Hello to all my WEGO Friends!! This should be fun!!:wink::blush:
If you could describe the reason behind your advocacy efforts using just a PHOTO …please SHARE in the comments with a description​:blush::blush::heart::call_me_hand::vulcan_salute:
I’ll start!!
I advocate for AUTISM, more specifically the Teen and Adult population…this photo is of my Autistic son and I.
If I had to describe Autism with a photo…THIS would be it​:blush::heart::heart::call_me_hand:


Looking forward to Meeting you all and seeing your photos!!!

Hi this is me at my first advocacy meeting for Fibromyalgia


Love this and love the cause!! I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia two years ago…Thank you for all that you do❤️

May is a huge month for advocacy. I’m advocating for World AS Day (May 2), Fibromyalgia Awareness Day on May 12, and MECFS Day on May 12. And I’m working hard this month to write about mental health and sharing awareness since it affects so many of us in so many ways. I love the connections that come with connecting for awareness.

How are you advocating this month? What are you advocating for?

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My kids are my reason…
“I want to make my family proud of my journey. I want my kids to see me turn a challenging diagnosis into a successful opportunity. I want them to see me fight back.”

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I advocate for Avascular Necrosis,Arthritis and Osteoarthritis which effects the young as well as old. And often others can be judgmental when they cannot see your disability. I like to educate and empower others about what is is to live with a disability that you cannot see. And how to remain positive in an often negative world.

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That’s Awesome !! I also went in March for advocating on Capital Hill for CHD !

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This is a little sneak peak at one of my coloring sheets I am making for my coloring book Chronically Spooky; I wanted to not show anyone these but this is the best way to show why I am an advocate. I remember as a child, my dad made Halloween tombstone decorations and he labeled one “I told you I was sick”. He thought it was comical as he put jokes on each one; I thought it was so funny as a child. Never in my life did I think I would resonate with that “funny” tombstone—it’s not funny to me anymore at all, it’s my real life…I have a rare genetic disorder called Multiple Hereditary Exostoses, and the one foundation in my country that should be researching the disease is “researching a cure“ for an incurable genetic disease instead. In my own research I have learned MHE is a full systemic condition that goes beyond the bones and has made my body completely dysfunctional; I have been diagnosed with Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos, Hemiplegic Migraine, ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, arthritis, Psorasis, and a lot of POTS, MCAS, and gastroparesis symptoms that have yet to be taken seriously. I truly believe I overwhelm the doctors with my severe complex case that they would rather say I am lying than realize they are not all knowing. Because society feels justified in claiming someone is lying about their health I also lost my almost 8 year long directing career—all because they said I lied about how severe my health is. My motivation is life or death, literally—I had a TIA (mini stroke) in March of 2020, recently learned I have a hernia and that it’s not normal to not have a bowel movement once every week. All I can think of is how many other souls could have potentially DIED from lack of knowledge on their own bodies due to medical gaslighting?



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